This is cherished profoundly !!

Acharrya Smredhi prefers taking workshops in small cozy groups in safe environment so she can personally focus on every participant. From the rich harvest of her learnings she shares liberally in her workshops, covering all the topics in Spiritual side, Profession and Relationships. She gives deep understanding of the subject and guides how to channelize them. She covers every emotion and aspect of life and handle most complex subjects also in gentle manner like fear, stress, anxiety, sex, ego, attachment, love, communication, sixth sense and mental freedom etc.

You can experience extreme clarity in every subject. This makes you take your power back from outside and shine in your full light.

The end result of every workshop is chipping of all that which is making us heavy, eradicate the brain fog and sundry confusions.

This self-healing experience shall certainly renew your ailing psyche. You would be able to unload, pacify and lighten your mind.

Benefits of the workshops


These workshops can have varying lengths. They can be of 60 to 90 minutes and might last for few days as well.
The session length however depends on the depth of discussions.

Choose happiness…

1.) CALM

(A workshop on transforming fear into freedom and happiness)


(Healing and channelling sexual energy into constructive energy)


(Discovering Happy self and cultivating happy relationships)

4.) AMOR

(An intense workshop on Love which is very powerful to transform you and all your relationships)


(A very deep and powerful workshop on communication and anger)


(MERAKI will connect you to your Highest Consciousness)


(Mental Freedom)