• (An intense workshop on Love which is very powerful to transform you and all your relationships)

Mind vibrates on a very high frequency in Love then…

Why we experience so much pain every time after we fall in love whether it is our romantic relation, family or friendly relation?

Why mental frequency go so low that we are scared of Love but then also why neither we can experience Love nor Vairagya?

If Love is mentioned in great books then What exactly Love is, and How can we vibrate in Love forever in our practical day-to-day life ?

It is said Love gives maximum happiness then will I be able to vibrate in Love inside outside in this lifetime or I will be deprived of this ?

Amor workshop is so powerful that you will rise in love forever. You will experience the following shifts in life through Amor :

 Experiencing new happy shift with mental frequency and creating beautiful magnificent aura around you.

 Experiencing nectar of Love inside which creates thrill in life and freedom in mind.

 Landing at a point where automatically you will experience Gratitude and Mindfulness in Life.

 Developing happy, loving and harmonious relationships effortlessly in family and friends.

 Creating Outer abundance magically.

 The high intangible shift inside will give all happy tangible results outside.

Amor workshop path is with:

Deep clarity which automatically motivates, Deep Healing, A Lot of Practical tips and extreme fun and adventure. This workshop is not focused in teaching you something. This workshop is focused on giving you the mastery.

Come on this wonderful journey with me on exploring Love.

Testimonials -

Amor an amazing session that made me experience the feeling part of selflove

When I first understood selflove it was like just doing self love out of a desire or a need.
From last Amor session to again this session, I am finding a stark difference in what is the actual essence of self love.

Feeling life is Self love and not knowing life. This is amazing for me. As from here the letgo of my doing selflove is dropped and feeling self love is beginning.

Asking the question – what is it that is holding me to embrace myself to self love ? is a great way to center back in my peace.

It is reinforced in me that letgo, gratitude and surrenderfulness are ingredients for my inner growth and peace.

Also, First u told...fear is good; then u told -pleasure is also good, next u told ....ego is reqd to walk on this planet and now in amor, I get to know attachment is also good. At first I went round the world to know these are not good energies and wanted to drop them somehow as these are negative energies within me and are hurdle for my growth. But I was not able to understand how come then the forces are operating with everyone and it is not me only. So maybe these sessions made me at easy and relaxed me to know, these forces are there for a purpose. And it is important to know the purpose of these to operate in self love.

So amazing breakthroughs and realisations
Thankyou Smredhiji

Dr. Monica

This is becoming more and more of a fulfilling journey. I do not know where I am headed to or what is my destination. But what I have learnt here, is that I am not concerned anymore about knowing about it. I want to live and enjoy this present moment, as it is.

Ms. Ramneek

In AMOR workshop we learned self-love.It so happens with people's expectations and trying to please other people, we forget our own self -worth. It's ok to be selfish to love ourselves first. From the overflow than give others..at some places in life, After implementing I feel so light free like a bird. Peace is what I seek now.Thank you for making us aware of this realization .it is ongoing process,which needs to be continuously worked on.

Ms. Sarika

The workshop talked about being in self-love and how self love is different from self obsession. It's very important to understand that we can only give and spread love and happiness and be the guiding light only if we our own love/happiness tanks are full. We can only spread the light from the overflow. Be ordinary, simple. Do things that energize you. Keep on adding to the list of things that can energize yourself and stay away from and delete things that drain you out.
It's all about feeling Life and not Knowing Life

Mr. Sumit Gupta

It has been a beautiful experience in AMOR... After these workshops, I feel so uplifted... I have become more expressive... because I don't worry about what everybody else is thinking about me....If something good is offered... I accept with gratitude if something bad is offered, I block it with my barriers... Slowly I feel, more good is being offered and less bad is being offered... I am not worried about my actions, because they are for me... I don't intend to hurt others...I don't intend to please others... I don't intend to please god... i only intend to please and fulfil myself... I am working on dropping on DROPPING " I Want" and focus on Happiness in " I want happiness". Deep inside.... I desired to be in the light of the supreme...I have dropped that desire now... I feel less pressured....My focus is going to be on keeping it simple...If my life is complicated.... It is because of me... I can only correct it by keeping is simple, bring happiness to myself and not worrying about spreading it ... Spreading will happen on it's own

Mr. Amit

As always, the workshop with Smredhiji has always been beautiful and path breaking.
My experience is just be yourself the way you are. You were perfect the way you are.
Let others be the way they are.
Don't do things that drain you. First fill your tank,let it overflow. That overflow will automatically fill others.
Being a savior has always drained me. That's not self-love, it's self-obsession.
I loved all the songs played in the session. The Alia Bhatt one bought tears in my eyes as this is what exactly I want to be.free, joyful, happy, spreading happiness.
Be like a butterfly.

Mr. Anju

In this workshop I learned about self-love & self obsession. For peace & happiness we have to leave ego & unworthy desire.
I am OK with what I am.
I will try to be happy & calm love myself.

Mr. Vinod Phutela

Amor..the word itself is so beautiful . I am my first love that's the crux I feel .Every situation we expect the other to behave in a certain manner and in doing this we entangle in their energies. As ma'am said ask yourself is it uplifting for me is a very good take away for people who are not related to you .
I loved the pause exercise I start with 10 min and keep extending it and it feels great.
I was actually very upset before coming to the workshop about some issue which was now I feel in my head and I feel much much better.
Pain comes to you so that light can come to you is another beautiful takeaway for me as I always thought this is happening because of my bad karma and this was really too stress ful.
I totally agree with Monicaji the workshops keep you in high energy for a few days and I've heard people saying you look happy today.but the energy goes down with time.
I loved the universe video .hope I could take a tour around the planets someday.
Loved every bit of the workshop..thank you ma'am

Dr. Neetu