Sacral chakra workshop

(Healing and channelling sexual energy into constructive energy)

Why there is a need of someone from opposite sex who accepts us as we are ?

Why we experience dissatisfaction in relationships?

Why life becomes difficult both being alone or being with someone?

Why there is empty feeling sometimes in life.

Let’s solve this puzzle.

Understanding gives clarity and power.

Let’s get healed from the pain.

Do you know Sacral chakra understanding and healing is important for Happy Self and Happy relationships.

The depth of our relationships outside is same as we have depth with ourselves.

Sacral chakra clarity and healing is important for both Sansara and Nirvana. So this workshop is important for both Single and married of all age groups.

This is a very rare workshop on a very rare topic. This is very helpful for all whether someone is single or married. This is for all the age groups above 18.