• Lucid is a very deep and powerful workshop on communication and anger.

    It is dealing with some intense subjects :

    👉 Why we lose our temper when somebody insults us?

    👉 When others put us down then why can’t we let go or forgive easily and if we forgive then also some scar is there?

    👉 Why we lose temper and What makes us lash back though we want to be silent?

    👉 If in case we manage to keep quiet and be good outside then why something inside us is suppressed?

    👉 What should be done? Should we keep quiet or speak up or there is some other way out?


    ✅ LUCID will empower you much more than your anger.

    ✅ LUCID will give you the balance to be in Self Love always.

    ✅ It will make all your relationships harmonious.

    ✅ It will give you the key of impactful communication.

    ✅ It will give you most effective ways of expressions.

    ✅ It will keep you stable in your Power.

    ✅ Life will be beautiful with LUCID.

    ✅ Come on this wonderful journey with me on exploring Self on

    “LUCID ” is allowing nectar to flow in you. 💯

Testimonials -

Lucid is all about expressing yourself. Personally the add on learning from this particular workshop has been to let go things in life which disconnect you which don't empower you. Also if you are not able to let go then it's ok, accept your inability to let go and just move ahead. Don't take things or feelings seriously as everything is temporary including our body. So live in the moment by not burdening yourself of thinking about the future. Live Here and Now.
Thanks Acharya ji for explaining it so beautifully as you do always and keeping it simple.

Mr. Sumit Gupta

LUCID has been an amazing game changing workshop for me ! Given a recent injury and it’s consequent fall out on my overall Health I was reeling under tremendous pain both physical and emotional. I Have been on the path of Self Development and Self Exploration since the past couple of years, yet this session by Acharya Samredhi was just another level up. Her Lucid style of teaching Complex spiritual and psychological concepts helped me achieve the Breakthrough I was looking for ! I joined the workshop feeling disconnected, disappointed, disillusioned and left feeling expansive, enthusiastic and exuberant.
My Heartfelt gratitude to you Acharya Samredhi for including me in your Life changing, Beautiful Workshop 🌺💖🌺

Ms. Shivani

Amazing Lucid workshop Smredhji

This gave me a great breakthrough where in i realised self love is all about mental peace. This peace is first when I am even doing a self talk to myself. When I am completely accepting of my whole self by being truthful to my ownself in being who I am, whole and complete. And as I accept my wholeness, I accept the other whole and complete
And when even I am not able to accept my self, I bow down to the ego-narayan in me.

A way to walk life in leela by being who I am is what I am super happy about.

I love my own peace is what Lucid opened me to today.

Loads of gratitude and looking forward to yet another powerful workshop

Dr. Monica

One word to describe the Lucid workshop- spectacular .
I have been doing workshop with Samredhiji since 10 months and each workshop has raised my dipped energy and has come at the right time when I needed it the most and Lucid too has come at the time I am facing many challenges.
The tools she gives might be simple but it's very very powerful.
In Lucid 'Non doing and living here and Now,chipping the unwanted' is the powerful takeaways.
I am indebted to the Divine to bring Samredhiji in my life and to all participants too for their wonderful sharings.

Ms. Anju

Lucid Learning for Me…

First Step : Be true to yourself… If you are lying to yourself, you are nowhere… If you are true to yourself, you will be content and in the path of happiness.
Second Step : Be like Water… don’t think… just flow… Problems will become an adventure...Let go…99.99% things are not in your control. Live in the moment…Look towards the light and everything else will fall into it's own place.
Self Love is the core of everything… It will be the foundation of your existence, happiness, confidence and ego.
Things to learn : to stop compartmentalizing things in good & bad, sadness and happiness….whatever I am doing is right…nothing is wrong…
I feel so refreshed and relieved after doing this worksop and a lot of baggage has been removed from my mind and soul…

Let your overflow fulfil others...

Mr. Amit

With Sunday's LUCID workshop, it has built on last year's workshop and it is seeped in mind and soul to learn to live in today and now. Learned self -love and acceptance of myself and others. I feel like a free bird.
This has brought so much harmony in my home unknowingly, even though my family members did not attend the workshop.
Everything that is happening is ok.
Samredhiji, the way to explain in simple manner the beautiful concepts and the intuition you have where your participants get stuck is amazing.
You clear every doubt and the understanding unfolds itself to the participant.

Ms. Sarika