After roti, kapda, makaan and sex , it is the thought of other people which bothers us the most.

Do you know 95% of our decisions are as per others.

May be this is a news for you.
I know some will be thinking is not so. I do what i like.

I will request you to go deep inside yourself and please find out the reason for what ever is bothering you.

Do you see someone there.

Do you want to please him in order to please yourself.

Spiritual path is for damn honest people. Honesty with our ownselves.

Woh kya sochenge..mein kaisa lagunga.. Log Kya Kahenge…Mein kaisa lag raha hoon…

This though gives us slavery.

Do you find it difficult to come out of the grip of this thought?

Death is certain.Either we will live our remaining life in this mental mess or we will understand the secrets and fly high in the sky.

What is YOU if there is no YOU in you.

RAINBOW workshop is for the damn honest people. Who can look in their own eyes. In this we are going deep in this understanding and with the help of healings, gently we will learn to come out of this hook.

Testimonials -

Dear Smredhi,
In gratitude for an amazing and powerful workshop of RAINBOW. After the heavy rains when the bright sunlight merges with the droplets of water a rainbow is formed, in the same way after walking through this workshop and understanding the human side of my life I realised how I was getting continuously drenched emotionally by giving at all times making me powerless. And then comes this bright sunlight from your workshop RAINBOW that took me beyond my mind and gave me the glimpse of my magnificent self.

And this opened my sky to all beautiful colours of my life in form of rainbow. I have just started to get a glimpse of these colours and feel the immense power inside.And as I am wanting to see these colours brightly I realise that I have got to do nothing but relax in the knowing it is taken care of. And this is what I choose, to do nothing but nurture, nourish, empower, honour, accept and love myself as I am.

Dr. Monica

Such a beautiful workshop, to be your own rockstar, an eye opener. So many realisations of what I was, my thought process needs a 180 degree turn from others to inwards. All the pain and agony is because the focus is always outside. Ma'am explained it beautifully not to entangle in the energy of others, and most importantly to love nurture and nourish the self. I got the glimpse of what I was doing to myself more than the others. Seems like we are swirling energies in the spaceships of our body with small windows of our different roleplays which we need to play and come back to rest ,and that is what we often forget.
I really get tired when in knowledge sessions I am told to drop ego ,drop anger drop this that. This trying to do things in itself brings stress and I have experienced this. That's why I've loved the workshop the most , could relate it to many of my experiences.
Didn't feel like opening my eyes for most of the workshop had to miss the last part though, wanted to absorb every bit of it .Love u maam and love you all for being a part of this beautiful journey. Deep gratitude 🙏🙏🙏

Dr. Neetu