This is a Greek word which means to put something of yourself into work – Soul, Creativity or Love.



✅ Extreme clarity in our thoughts.

✅ Getting tuned to our inner guidance.

✅ Deep connection with Self

✅ Hidden deep secrets of Karma theory

✅ Designing life beautifully

✅ Freedom from old painful mental patterns

✅ Developing best decision making power

✅ Experiencing inner and outer abundance.

MERAKI will connect you to your Highest Consciousness. This will absolutely deburden you and you can do all doing in nondoing happily.

MERAKI has been an eye opener for me ! It has helped me to differentiate between intuition and my logical, analytical inner voice. Spirituality means dropping off all that is irrelevant and unnecessary to reveal our authentic inner Self, the Pure Consciousness we are.
I couldn’t agree with Acharya Smreddhi more on not seeking the Truth outside of myself, spiritual Gurus can only show you the path, but only a true Guru will lead you to empower and trust your own soul. I have been part of Brahmakumaris & Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering sect & more or less was encouraged to follow their regimented schedules and routines. Only the quest to the Light of my Soul has helped me rise each time I fell, faltered or fumbled…..
My wholehearted gratitude to Acharya Smreddhi for hosting this eye opening session 🌷🙏🏻🌷

Ms. Shivani

Meraki : Meraki Workshop has given me a lot of hope and vision on how to regain my bond with the supreme power. I especially am very excited about the way of recognising my intuition and differentiating it from the blur created outside noise. I was so happy to connect with my inner voice today during the meditation session while searching for the white light. I felt as if the supreme power was once again speaking to me briefly. Will practice meditation more to experience that once again. The biggest take-away is the HERE and NOW... All the deeds, good or bad are in the past.... There is no future.... The choices you make will become quickly become your present and even if they were wrong, don't worry they are now in your past again... Live in the moment ... We have the power to change our life every moment....Nothing is wrong... Everything is right.... Keep your intentions pure so that if makes you feel good about yourself and fills you with beautiful energy...
I simply loved MERAKI Workshop.... Need to stay Guided ... Thanks Acharya

Mr. Amit

When Intution comes jump on will experience something which you will be surprised and it will be WOW..this is biggest learning in Meraki...I somehow lost this for a while and again reviewing it..made me realize ,how to tune into it...
I also realized how over thinking really changes your thought process as you said...feeding voice...
Accept life as it also a big learning for me..which gives so much freedom..and feeling of happiness...

Ms. Sarika

Meraki is a beautiful workshop that opened yet another closed door. 
Life gives choice at every moment. But the way I would choose was so unclear. Meraki came like a lightning bolt to me where I understood why at several points because of listening to my own pre-recorded feeded voice I was unable to come out of my comfort zone. These voices actually were clouding my own path and making me incapable to take that leap of faith. So this has been my biggest realisation – to choose in awareness based on my own inner intuitive voice versus feeded voice that may seem comfortable first but may not give me the clarity. 
So ‘CHOOSE’ is word that I take from this workshop as the choices I make is helping me navigate in my own world every moment. Earlier also I was choosing but I was just choosing based on right or wrong or should be’s and must be’s and what if and what not, but this CHOOSING is making a choice based on my inner guidance.
Thankyou for amazing clarity that I received today.

Dr. Monica

Such a lovely workshop explaining the fine line between Intuition and Feeding voice. Intuition is the first voice and Narayana voice whereas feeding voice is the second or third and referred to as the outside voice. The concept was beautifically explained using Arjun and Karn from Mahabharata. Could relate to each and everything Acharya ji mentioned in the workshop. Have experienced intuitions in the past few years and off lately have started listening and acting on it and has really paid dividends. There is always Narayana guiding you, giving you messages, it's just that we need to listen and act and believe in ourself and leave the rest on Narayana. Trust yourself , Jump and experience the ecstacy was the underlining of the workshop.
Thanks once again Acharya ji for delivering it so simply and beautifully.

Mr. Sumit Gupta