NIRVANA is so impactful that may be after doing this workshop, you experience immense clarity and space in yourself that you may not need any other workshop in your life.

NIRVANA is for you, if you feel :

After doing life long spiritual practices, workshops and studies you still feel sad and low sometimes.

If after putting all the efforts still you feel you are not able to control some part of yourself or your life.

If you feel caged in your relationships.

If you find your workplace is full of struggle.

If you feel passive about life.

If you are wondering how to enjoy life in effortless living forever.

If you are in search of freedom from untold pain and suffering of life.

If you truly want to live before you die.


✅ Decoding the deepest and hidden secrets of life that will free you forever.

✅ Knowing the path of effortless living on this planet.

✅ Experiencing mental freedom

✅ Experiencing very high creative energy

✅ Creating happy relationships in life

✅ Experiencing happiness in workplace

✅ Discovering yourself

✅ Living life to the fullest.

NIRVANA will give you deep secrets of life. This will make you vibrate on very high frequency. Our vibes attract our tribe. This transforms our whole world into paradise.

Laughing Buddha has changed my entire perception towards life.
I have become more calmer, more happy, dont expect things from people.
It has helped me make minor adjustments in my thought process which has resulted in drastic shift in my energy cycle.
Have started coming across lot of positive energies and differentiating between negative and positive energies.
Have tried to stop running after work and it's magical.
It's actually very difficult to express everything but all in all life has become better, happy and positive.
Hope am able to continue living in this way and further improve and one day be able to be Acharya ji's position and conducting workshops and enlightening souls in darkness and give them light.
Pranam for making a positive difference in my life.

Mr. Sumit Gupta

The laughing buddha workshop made me realize that everybody is Narayan.
Accept life as it is and you will experience happiness. Live in the present.
I could relate to the part of making boundaries after Smredhiji's class... this had reduce a lot of sufferings and pain for me and made me aware to operate from higher consciousness.
Love yourself and from the overflow give to others.I have experienced this and makes me feel so light and I no more feel life as a burden, that I felt for so many years.
It has also impacted my family.we as a family have experienced the shift and feel the happiness within our family.

Ms. Sarika

Laughing Buddha has been an amazing experience for me... Everything I learnt here is just a seed of what I will experience much later in life.... I will not be afraid, feel guilty of being happy, I will try to judge others or myself. Will take small steps to fulfil myself, if I am able to fulfil myself, I will be able to make others happy around me... Another very important thing that I have learnt is to spend time with myself and write. I would try and merge these two activities as I write, i get some clarity in my thoughts. I have also realised in laughing Buddha, that joy and sorrow are always going to be a part of my life... I have to practice to let go my sorrows quickly so drain the pain they might bring. The flow is the most important thing in life... the flow of emotions need to be absolutely clear. If the flow is blocked, it will bring sorrow and stagnation in thoughts and sadness in life. We are the light... Shine in that light... Just be happy and stop pleasing others. I believe is selfishness a little more now...its not bad to be self-ish.

Mr. Amit

The journey of almost 3 months of Laughing Buddha series of workshop has changed my outlook and the purpose of my life completely. The deep rooted areas of my life where I saw myself with so much of self doubt are now slowly getting uprooted.

The digging of my old beliefs got questioned which made me realise I have made myself trapped in my own school of thoughts. And as I started to unlock these beliefs I could slowly realise that to blossom in my own world I just need to nurture my own self so that I can expand my life force and dance in the kingdom of amor.

From judgements to criticism to rejection, when I do continuously with myself, it is reflecting in the outside world in the same way. What I am is what I see, think and believe of others. To be able to be accept myself with full embrace with these 5 cosmic powers of the universe and relax in myself is one of the most important aspect that I am now taking with me with a heart full of joy.

So much clarity with so much self introspection and to experiment on the self with inbetween the workshops gave more strength to my soul to actually understand these minutely and keep just taking this one step at a time.

The seeds of self love, compassion, kindness, have now got so beautifully planted that it has opened a new window of life. What I need to do right now that will make me happy and allow myself to receive is from here I rebegin.

A heartfelt gratitude Smredhiji for such intricate explanations in such delicate ways that all I can say, thankyou so much.
And such wonderful togetherness with amazing group of people, thankyou all. 🌸

Dr. Monica