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Sometimes in life we feel very indecisive or depleted due to some situation in self or relationship or professional areas and we don’t know which step to take. This deplets our mental energy and we see darkness everywhere and in such low mental vibration generally we are not able to see bright solutions.

We all go through these junctions in our life.

Acharrya Smredhi can help you in finding the best path for you.
She has been guiding people from last two decades. You can take this opportunity of meeting her and working towards happy and abundant solutions for yourself and your life.

She takes both offline and online consultation.

Allow yourself to receive help, guidance and support for fulfilling and magnificent life.

Way towards Happiness….Peaceful Me

Release all the worries and experience mental tranquillity with a life coach

A life coach is a person who helps you to achieve your mental tranquillity and unleash your highest potential so that you can live the life as you wish to live.
As pebbles in the river bed can only be seen in clear water and not in muddy water, similarly, life coach provides maximum clarity in your mind, so you can make right decisions about yourself and your life.

They motivate you towards achieving your personal objectives and professional aims as a trusted master, and make you appreciate yourself by clearing your self-image like a true friend.

Life Coaching

How to Get the Most Out of Your Session?

Life coaching session

Experience with a life coach empowers you by chipping out all that which you are not and is non serving so that you express your true light magnificently. This is a step towards living life authentically and successfully.

You will experience a noticeable difference in your mental clarity and will experience breakthroughs from your first session. Working with a life coach is giving yourself support, guidance and ease from the first moment.

Generally, before starting, there is confusion about various areas in the mind, which unclear what to discuss and what to leave, but life coach will support you to streamline your concerns in gentle manner.

There will be easy and interesting exercises which needs to be done in between the sessions. All these empowering exercises will help you to attain mental clarity and peace and will help you to achieve your goals.

In this, you will be in regular touch with your life coach.

Your commitment is your success.

The rewards you recieve in life coaching will be as per your personal goals and professional objectives. Regular areas where clients see enhancement with a life coach are


Mental clarity and right vision for successful life

Professional and financial growth

Improoving relationships

Professional Recognition

Learning impactful and effective communication

Multiplying Self esteem and Self worth

Right decision making

Spiritual hand holding to experience maximum mental tranquillity and joy

life Coaching

Any person who really want to live his life to its full potential and happiness is advised to work with a life coach.

If you are still scrolling down, then you surely need a life coach. So show love to yourself and your life through life coaching sessions.

  • If you have fear of failure
  • professional graph is going down
  • Managing different areas has left you drained.
  • Stuck up in very demanding relationships
  • gone through a heart break
  • Are not able to take right decisions
  • have gone through some stress or unpleasant experience
  • feel loss of power

Prestigious words of our clients

Got connected with you last year and it has been a beautiful experience ever since. It feels like a safe haven for me. Always helped me be on the right path with an inside out understanding of me and making me feel beautiful about myself by helping me realise my blessings.
The chakra workshops have been immensely powerful and useful and somewhere or the other I always use that knowledge with me wherever I go. I’m immensely blessed that I always have the best guiding light with me who offers the most practical tips which never fail to make me a happy person. It is only here that I am constantly learning how To manifest things that I want, be it experiences, people etc. Can not even imagine a life without beautiful teachings from you which keep me centred and help me embrace all parts of me, the good and the bad, helping me embrace and channel my feminine self and also letting me figure what it is that I actually need from life. Really looking forward for the Individual Chakra workshops.

Dr. Sheraun -

Dermatologist, Delhi

I was a bit tired of walking the life path entangled in the web of my thought process.The personal sessions came to me as a fresh blaze of air.. SELF LOVE..?? Is it's the end result of everything I felt. I actually practiced consciously past week in some situations reinforcing ma'am's words and saw some magic unfold .To love and accept oneself fully in your own being with all that you have or don't have. Only then can you be compassionate with others too.
The constant nagging, your own self for your very being at all times, trying to change the situation or others, I realised was a pattern I was following.
The new pattern was self love.
I was slipping into a State of deep rest during the session itself.
Sipping a cup of tea, my fav music, playing with my kids, singing loudly was a wonderful experience to be with your own self keeping every role aside..
Truely grateful from the bottom of my heart for the
Rejuvenating retreat..🌹💖

Dr Neetu -

Pedodontist, Gurgaon

I approached Smredhi ji for better relationship with my spouce. I have done lot many programs earlier also and everything helped me but still I was somewhere facing issues.
I had an impression that I have taken a lot in my life because he was wrong. I was do bitter about him. When I spoke to her she asked me some questions and pointed on my childhood event and some memories. Then she gave me my attachment pattern and started working spiritually on it. I realized I was so much suppressed and in fear because of my own attachment pattern not because of my husband.
First time I loved myself.
I am feeling as if I have started my life now after 15 yrs of my marriage and I am so thankful to her.
Her approach is spiritual so I felt so peaceful in the procedure.
I highly recommend her to everybody.

Name hidden -


I am so thankful to Smredhi mam for so many things. I came for my personal reason but I ended up in getting lot of clarity about my professional life also. The best achievement I had is that I mended my relationship by not pleasing this time but listening to myself and loving myself. This approach is a complete surprise for me.
I am relaxed, happy and much more comfortable in myself.
Thank you so much


Nisha Sabharwal -

Designer, Chandigarh

Smredhi ji

The life coaching journey with you is unforgettable for me.
I got so many insights that I never even thought, I can experience it.
Suddenly all is solved, all is easy and all is interesting.
I am able to handle my work and my family in a peaceful way now and above all, I feel settled and calm in myself after very long time.
This mental deep rest and relaxation was so much required in my life, even I was not aware.

You are not only a coach but a mentor who has put me on the track.

Thank you

Dr. Preety Ahluwalia -

Gynaecologist, Delhi

I was so confused in my life for certain things and there was no clarity. I tried my level best to find it and I was doing it from such long time but could never reach anywhere.
I approached Acharrya Smredhi and she simply gave me one exercise of journaling for three days and I felt as if all the clutter I have poured out. I felt better and when I met her again after that her every word I could grasp and gave me complete light.
First time I tried with some consellor and I feel that why we stuck ourselves in problems and confusions for so long. We can take professional help and our life can be so better.
Thank you Smredhi ji for all your support which made me walk in my life again with happiness. Next time whenever I am in some issue I will simply book session with you.
Thank you so much.

Ajay Singhal -

Entrepreneur, Delhi

The time I spent in sessions was very different from my other counselling sessions.
Her approach is so different but she solved all my concerns in minutes.
I think first time I got alligned in my life, as she says 'get alligned'.
I am so happy and all the war came to an end. I never even thought that this can happen.
Thank you Smredhi ji. I am with you forever now.

Warm regards

Chetna Thakker -

Project Manager, Mumbai

I was going through my anger issues. I took some other healings also in the past. I felt better but could not control my anger. I saw her face book post and approached her. She spoke to me and said I actually don't have anger issues but there is some underline fear. We worked on fear instead of anger and trust me I felt so relieved. I was not even aware that I was having so much of fear in me. I understood fear in much better way. I only handled my fear snd my anger got resolved.
These sessions are very healing experiences in my life. I thank her from the core of my heart.
Thank you mam

Saurabh Sharma -

Banker, Delhi

I am really thankfull to Smredhi ji for her four amazing life coaching sessions. I highly recommend her to every one.
I am much more calmer, happy and enthusistic about life.
I am clear about my new professional moves, which was the major reason for my approaching her.
The best part is I got all my answers from myself with her help, which I could not get on my own.
The confidence is really high and I am in lot of gratitude to Smredhi mam.

Thank you and regards

Pankaj Malhotra -

Entrepreneur, Delhi

I am doing sadhna from last 25 yrs. I am reiki grand master and a pranic healer. I am into many practices which I do regularly. I used to read Smredhi ji's articles on Instagram everytime. I had a feeling that she can guide me spiritually as I myself was feeling stagnant in my sadhna. I was not knowing what next to do.
In my first meeting only she opened the doors of my mind. Now I know what is sadhna and what is being spiritual. I am so thankful to God that I met her. I was not aware of so many things after having such long journey. I have many things still to learn from her.
Thank you so much Smredhi mam.

Uma Rastogi -


I had failed relationships and I lost all my hope to ever have companion in my life. I came with very little hope to her. I was feeling so broken. Every time after entering in a relationship I used to feel as if too much is expected out of me and I felt boundation. My relationships were more of stress and less of love but after coming out of the relationship I used to feel lonely.

When I approached her she discussed my attachment style and how I can work on it. I took sessions regularly and I realized so much about my life.
I have worked on myself regularly as per her guidance and I am so hopefull now for my future.
Feeling much better.
Thank you mam for all your support and guidance

Akriki khandelwal -

Manager - Sales, Delhi





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