Such a beautiful workshop, to be your own rockstar, an eye opener. So many realisations of what I was, my thought process needs a 180 degree turn from others to inwards. All the pain and agony is because the focus is always outside. Ma’am explained it beautifully not to entangle in the energy of others, and most importantly to love nurture and nourish the self. I got the glimpse of what I was doing to myself more than the others. Seems like we are swirling energies in the spaceships of our body with small windows of our different roleplays which we need to play and come back to rest ,and that is what we often forget.
I really get tired when in knowledge sessions I am told to drop ego ,drop anger drop this that. This trying to do things in itself brings stress and I have experienced this. That’s why I’ve loved the workshop the most , could relate it to many of my experiences.
Didn’t feel like opening my eyes for most of the workshop had to miss the last part though, wanted to absorb every bit of it .Love u maam and love you all for being a part of this beautiful journey. Deep gratitude ???

Dr. Neetu

Dear Smredhi,
In gratitude for an amazing and powerful workshop of RAINBOW. After the heavy rains when the bright sunlight merges with the droplets of water a rainbow is formed, in the same way after walking through this workshop and understanding the human side of my life I realised how I was getting continuously drenched emotionally by giving at all times making me powerless. And then comes this bright sunlight from your workshop RAINBOW that took me beyond my mind and gave me the glimpse of my magnificent self.

And this opened my sky to all beautiful colours of my life in form of rainbow. I have just started to get a glimpse of these colours and feel the immense power inside.And as I am wanting to see these colours brightly I realise that I have got to do nothing but relax in the knowing it is taken care of. And this is what I choose, to do nothing but nurture, nourish, empower, honour, accept and love myself as I am.

Dr. Monica

Immensely. I know now that all I have to do is listen to that inner conscious voice and take the leap of faith.


MERAKI was a divine workshop it’s like understanding life by introspecting in between the lines. Without Meraki you cannot enjoy divine life. Such subtle things which no one can explain you better than this worship. Blessed to attend this workshop


Most beautiful workshop after a long time.I feel soooooo elated.Did not join with any big expectation.but what I could experience is so blissful.i dont believe its 4 hours..I am really looking foward to the bungyjumping now.So many doubts about self awareness and third eye meditations got cleared.thank you maam.lots of love❤.


My experience was with ‘Meraki ‘ was great.It heped me to connect to my inner voice and understand my fear.Apart from this ,this workshop also enlightened me with many other truths of life.I thank Acharya Smredhiji from the bottom of my heart for organizing such enriching workshops.


Meraki helped me in giving the clarity of listening to my higher consciousness instead of feeded voice. Ultimately helping in total happiness, self-love and bliss.

Sarika Agrawal

Meraki workshop gave me clear distinction between creating and accepting creation as it is. It allowed me to realise that all is connecting to the higher frequency and everything is inside of me. Being focused to my inner guidance in complete surrender fullness is allowing me to live life in and not leave life.thankyou for this amazing workshop.


As always Smredhiji with her simple explanation and techniques made tackling complex issues of life simple and easy.Meraki was a transformational workshop which showed ways of how to live to the fullest either by creating oneself,or by flowing with the flow by giving your 100% or by being ordinary. Thank you Smredhiji.

Anju Kothari

I have done pretty much all Chakra workshops with Smredhi mam, Meraki was very different from all others. Gives me a sense of being grounded, it’s helping me take responsibility of my own things and is helping me take charge of my own life. It teaches me that nobody but you can take the best decisions for your own self.

Dr Sheraun Karira