Man’s biggest need after roti, kapda and makaan is being able to love and being loved. Given that man is a social being, in society, families are formed for companionship and the feeling of fulfillment.

Everybody wishes love, and affection, and someone to walk with. We imagine it to be perfect and passionate, almost as good as it’s shown in movies. But is it always like that?
Our search of a stable and harmonious relationship, even after finding our partner may still continue. Society has witnessed trouble in relationships and marriages since as old as history may get. Our mythology and traditional stories too weren’t left far behind. In today’s time, with the advent of social media and more awareness, these problems have increased and are even surfacing more openly. But does it always have to end in divorce or breaking the relation? Can it be salvaged? Can it be healthy?

All these Problems will pause if we will come to know that Man and Woman are mentally differently wired. As their is no awareness of this so it leads to lack of understanding, complaints, unfulfilled expectations and charmless relationship between both of them.

Man and Woman has different way of approach for the same thing. Most of the relationships which are on rocks are because of this fact. Though some part of them always want to be with their partner and live happily forever but this unawareness does not allow them to see the other clearly or reach to the other.

When these couple come for relationship coaching workshops and individual counselling they find sudden relief and a way which directly goes to their partner. They understand each other completely and live harmonious life.

Once beautiful relationship is established then their are different stages of relationship , which are explained by her in Relationship coaching workshops and individual sessions which makes you rich in inner journey along with outer journey. That is blissful fulfillment.

Relationship coaching can be successful only if along with relationship success secrets it clearly explains Self love and Self connection. Relationship is an extension of Self love and acceptance.

Their are many other deep aspects which establishes deep bond between both the partners and are discussed in workshops and personal counselling sessions.

Acharrya Smredhi herself is married from last 21 yrs. She specializes in relationship coaching and individual relationship counselling. Her workshops and coaching are designed after intensive research work. She takes relationship workshops all over India through Online and Offline mediums. They are very interesting and Powerful.

When to consult for Relationship Counselling

  • Pre marriage Counselling
  • Lack of understanding and connectivity between partners
  • Living unromantic life
  • Different fears and insecurities
  • Not able to grow in different areas of life with each other
  • Relationship on rocks
  • Recovery from Seperation

Handling Strategies

  • Understanding each other as per science
  • Discovering self and the partner
  • Creating created future effortlessly
  • Effective communication
  • Eft and other sessions
  • Recreate the magic in your relationship
  • Creating a happy family
  • Self love, approval and acceptance