CONNECT workshop is very interesting and majorly based on Psychology principals.

It will help you to develop an insight to join the dots to connect with the relationships which matter to you the most.

The guidelines which will be discussed are not limited to any one relation, but can be used in all your relationships to enhance the fulfillment and harmony.

Way towards Happiness…

The connect workshop will help me sort myself out and thus be at ease with all the relationships that I am blessed with. Instead of trying to fix the other person, I will now fully focus on fixing myself

Ms. Nancy Dave

Connect - my self talk says connect with your own self
Once you connect with your own self , self love starts and once self love starts you start satisfying yourself and once you are satisfied you start satisfying you partner
So ultimately connect has deeper meaning connecting with yourself - you start paying attention to your own needs and that is the game changer on you life

Dr. Amit

Listen without arguing on any point. Any put yourself in that situation and got to know how it feels

Mr. Shrikant Niraj

Connect-As the name suggest is to develop a bond , an attachment or a relation .
By this workshop I wll be able to work upon myself so that i can handle all relationships wth comfort & ease.

Ms. Preeti

CONNECT workshop helped me to see how my own attachment style helps me to navigate my every relationship. The exercises helped me to identify, analyse and decode the ways with which I am first able to understand myself better which in turn will help me better connect with all my loving relations. 
Knowing that deep connections can only happen when there is a deep connect within myself and from this overflow I am able to shine in my own light.
Thankyou for this minute understanding to unfold loving relationships with self and around me.

Dr. Monica

Connect is a wonderful workshop…In conjunction with Laughing Buddha…I thoroughly enjoyed it… 
 It will help me with the following . 
1. Filling my self with self love.
2. Creating an overflow.
3. Eventually, it will increase the distance between me and negativity.
4. Make my relationships with others much better.
5. And let's not forget… make more and more friends in all these amazing workshops.
Work on yourself and not on others…. Surrender and everything will be as it should be … it will end up being best for you and your loved ones.

Mr. Amit

Connect workshop- is very helpfull for us bcz we learn how do Self love and it is most important for us we can batter understand our relationship and needs of relations

Mr. M. Barsiwal

Connect workshop: it helped to analyze some of the ways I deal with relationships in my life are deep rooted in my childhood and upbringing.
But everything becomes easy with self-love.. identifying trigger points helped manage myself and my happiness better..this has also improved my relationship within my family a lot..

Ms. Sarika