Acharrya Smredhi is an India’s leading Life Coach and a founder of Peaceful Me. She is helping people from last two decades. She is extensively into Life coaching, Self development workshops and Corporate workshops . She provides certified Courses based on Indian ancient studies. She is well trained in Indian Ancient Studies and got the title “Acharya” and has deeply researched in various subjects.  She got a chance to learn about the science of human thoughts and emotions from West. She shares the rich harvest of her learnings in her personal sessions, workshops, videos and write ups.

She describes herself as a learner and is a student of life from heart.

She aims to help everyone by first connecting them to their highest Self. Her workshops beautifully aligns the participants with Self awareness, Self acceptance and Self Love. The Power generated from Self brings immense clarity on their life path in the areas of Self, Love, Profession and Relationships. The Solutions are easy and playful after this Self alignment. She organizes various seminars, workshops and personal sessions for this purpose.

“Clarity generates lot of Power. Power to attract Right in life.” – Acharrya Smredhi

Crystal Lotus

In her work she focuses in transforming the whole Being.

Acharrya Smredhi got a chance to enter and be in Indian Vedic world at a very young age. She got a chance to learn Indian ancient studies from best masters in the world. She has walked on this path and lived this disciplined life for 17 years. During that time she taught these ancient studies to more then 3000 people .Today some of the most famous names in this field are taught by her.

She has been in many Bhava Samadhi trainings and deep spiritual processes under great teachers.

In her research and rich experience in the field of Indian ancient studies including predictive studies, she understood that there is no higher or powerful remedy of attracting Happiness in life, than getting Self alignment. The moment we get Self aligned the whole Universe opens in front of us. She realized Karma is not only action but much deeper then that. She understood that if she truly want to serve the mankind, she’ll have to work on the basic thought level.

She shifted to Mumbai in 2005, it marked a pleasant turn in her life. There, she met group of meditators and her curiosity to understand human emotions in depth increased. She began understanding about human thought processes in depth and how one’s own choice of thought only creates their destiny. Thoughts turn into feelings, feelings turn into words, words into beliefs and beliefs turn into our actions; and this action becomes our destiny and we go on to live this destiny. She realized that this is also mentioned in Bhagwat Geeta, and developed the firm belief that “I am Responsible”.

Secondly, She could experience “TAT TWAM ASI” (thou art that)

She got her answers. The whole Universe is in Self. There is nothing outside. We need to fix ourselves to fix outside. All the keys are inside.

“For changing the fruit, we must change the root too.”

This experience changed Acharrya Smredhi completely and She was transformed into a full time Life Coach, where she transforms people to unleash their highest potential in gentle but powerful manner. She takes her work as a contribution towards the society.

In order to how to transform the mental vibration of the person she uses many tools, exercises, therapies etc. Some of them are  EFT, TAT, Louis Hay programs, Ho’oponopono, Ontology, Dr Joe Dispenza brain rewiring exercises and catharsis etc . All these tools are used to raise the mental vibration easily  and how we can beautifully get centered in self and generate unlimited potential and happiness. She is a unique combination of both Eastern and Western culture based techniques. She places great faith on the Bhagwat Gita and Ashtavakra Gita.

She believes a lot on Self Love. For her Self Love is being aware of our own Godliness and standing in own light . For her Self love is not limited to body, it is connecting to our huge energy self. Which is much more huge and powerful then our physical Self. The whole world can get dissolved in Self Love. She starts with nurturing and nourishing ourselves and filling our own inner containers with love and giving others from our overflow. It is absolutely different then Self obsession. Self obsession is when you are doing for self in order to grab others attention or in comparison or showing others down but in Self Love it is only choosing to be in inner peace and abundance  by validating and approving ourselves as we are. Self Love is shining in our own Power. Gratitude is accompanied with Self Love. Mindfulness is automatic after this. This is vibrating in love inside and outside.

“The purpose of life is happiness, and happiness is peace and Peace generates maximum power . This makes us vibrate on very high frequency and our vibes attract our tribe” – Acharrya Smredhi

Acharrya Smredhi has a successful clientele globally of Professionals, Doctors, entrepreneurs, Media people, Healers, Students , Home makers, etc. who are rational and want to create a blissful life for themselves on this life path.

Today everyday she receives over whelming messages from all over the world that how after doing the workshops they could easily get the breakthrough in their life.

This fills her with gratitude towards the Almighty.

“Life is beautiful, let’s plant those seeds in our mind which we would want to see them blossoming in the near future. Live, Love, Laugh.” – Acharrya Smredhi